We Transcend

We transcend traditional advertising and marketing with innovative ways of reaching new customers and keeping existing customers.

That’s because 85% of purchasing decisions are made on social networks. Facebook allows you to reach upwards of 1.4 billion people, and some of them will be your potential customers. Today, every business needs a social personality, one that matches who you are.

People Are Talking

Conversations are happening right now about YOUR brand in places you didn’t know people were talking about you. Conversations which could affect you for good, and not so good.

People are talking without you knowing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. And with new innovative tools, you can shape the conversation. This is sales and marketing on a one-on-one level.


24/7 Sales and Marketing

That’s our speciality. It’s a 24/7 marketing opportunity, and with our global network, we’re there for you and helping you reach your customers no matter where you, or they, are.

And it’s why, with Transcend Social, you’re not simply hiring a digital marketing agency; you’re hiring a friend. Someone who understands your business and wants to help you expand. Your sales and marketing becomes OUR priority.

Statistics Speak


Of Purchase Decisions Are Being Made On Social Networks


Of Customers Are Being Influenced By Social Media


Of B2B Customers Are Researching Online Before Purchasing

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