There has been conclusive study after conclusive study that people who are social tend to live longer. Those who live in a community have a higher life expectancy than those who live alone. This is one reason that it’s important to be social. 

However in the age of social media it’s more important for you, your friends, your brand, your religion and your everything else to be social. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we’ve seen a global paradigm shift not seen since the cheap availability of air fares. People are now able to connect, exchange ideas, debate topics, conduct commerce and promote peace all with the touch of a keyboard (be it attached to a computer or a smartphone). It is now imperative for you to get into the realm of social media. 

In my upcoming eBook on online revolutions and social media I explored the impact that social media has had on these different problems. From the Iranian election riots in 2009 to the impact of Joseph Kony’s gang of kidnapping and murdering marauders we saw online activists attempt to confront the problem using social media. In many cases the attempts failed (not going to explain how or why…you’ll have to buy the book when it comes out) yet the fact that many people saw the social media realm as a legitimate place to protest means that our society no longer sees these websites as a waste of time. Facebook played, and will play, a very serious role in national elections. Twitter has ruined careers like that of former Congressman Anthony Wiener and let’s not go over the countless number of times that YouTube has been used to play over and over again the mistakes of others. 

But if social media sites can be dangerous to causes and politicians why should you be on it? Quite simply because everyone is on it. If you are a brand then you have no excuse not to be where your customers are, if you’re a Church then it’s a great way to talk to potential members (or stay in contact with other members), if you’re a political party then it’s a fantastic method of combating libellous accusations or spreading disinformation about your opponent. Basically there is no better place to be then where everyone else is. 

So get on there.