We specialize in everything from social media strategy to community management. We’re a full service boutique agency that’s all about helping you engage with your audience. We believe that with great conversations come great results.

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Our Story

When it comes to how, and why, companies were founded many choose to drape their stories in humble beginnings: Apple was started in a garage, Google in a dorm room in Stanford and Colonel Sanders started KFC by trading his famous chicken for free rent at a gas station.

As much as we’d love Transcend Social to have equally humble beginnings we don’t. Our beginnings are, like many companies, incredibly boring with one exception. When we started Transcend Social, we knew how we would be different. We knew that there was something inherently wrong with digital marketing today.

But what was wrong with this new form of marketing? How had dozens of major agencies missed the mark? It was for the simple fact that their approach, both on the client and customer side, was wrong. Many were simply adding social media as an afterthought and, even then, felt that it was simply an extension of more traditional marketing campaigns.


Integrated Digital Marketing

The truth is that social media and online marketing as a whole is an entirely different beast to tackle. An integrated digital marketing strategy gives you the unique chance to engage with your customers on global, national, local and even one-to-one levels. When we saw other agencies simply shrug off online marketing as a passing fad, we knew that we had to step in and offer something more substantive.

However, we also saw that our customers were almost equally confused. No one was stopping and explaining to them what it all meant. They were investing their hard-earned money into these campaigns and they weren’t able to see how it was helping them. This led to well-earned frustration and anger. Because of this we resolved to do things differently both for our clients and their customers. We act as the bridge between our clients and their customers.

With a new generation of customers living and breathing digital media through their cell phones and tablets you know that you have to be there. You know that, in many cases, the future of your business depends on it. But, where do you get started? What do you do? This is why we started Transcend Social: to help you.


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Our Philosophy

If our philosophy could accurately be summed up into a single word it would be this – ‘Triangle’

Why ‘Triangle’? Because that’s what you create when you join with Transcend Social. The triangle is the strongest shape in geometry. Due to the rigid sides they are able to absorb an almost extreme amount of weight. But, for us, it holds an entirely different meaning. When we take on a client we create a triangle, where each entity, Transcend Social, you and your customers, form a cohesive partnership.

For Transcend Social, our triangle is what makes us get up in the morning. We know that both you and your customers are relying on a succinct and successful digital presence and we’re there to give it to you. The reality is that social media is a highly personal platform and, because of that, we need a highly personal relationship with you. Only understanding your goals and needs can we effectively market you throughout the world. With our offices in the Middle East, American and Australia we ensure that your brand voice remains consistent and coherent 24/7.