How the Apple Watch Can Change Your Brand

If you have been paying attention to…well…anything then you’ve likely heard about the new AppleWatch. Yes, this revolutionary little device is going to connect to your phone, track your movements, bring peace to the Middle East and, will also... read more

Rates and Reviews: The Social Response

Yesterday I had the opportunity of participate in a new restaurant opening. That was an interesting experience, as I didn’t know what to expect. I had no reviews about the place and also no recommendations. But as soon as the restaurant started serving us,... read more

‘Thank You’ Goes A Hell Of A Long Way!

Recently we started using a new application here in the office called CoSchedule. CoSchedule is an app which allows you to write a blog post and then time it to be released and re-released over a month long period. The thinking of the CoSchedule creators is that the... read more

Periscope, Meerkat and the Coming Age of Live Video

Last week Twitter launched Periscope, their response to Meerkat. Haven’t heard of Meerkat? You wouldn’t be the first. It was only launched a few weeks ago, but it has already taken the social world by storm. Meerkat and Periscope are part of a new company... read more

Feeding the #hashtags

Last week an announcement made by Zayn Malik about leaving his group, One Direction, got international media attention. Millions of fans made sure to place Zayn on the trend topics on the main social networks. Nothing bad placing your artist on the top but one of the... read more

Today, Facebook Changed It All

This morning, at 4am AEST at the annual F8 Conference, Facebook pretty much justified their entire existence. In one fell swoop, they’re taking on YouTube AND are redefining the shopping experience. “How?” you ask. Simple…with Messenger. Yes,... read more

Layout: Stitching Together My Heart

Today Instagram, the world’s most popular photo social network, released a new app called ‘Layout’. The purpose of the app is essentially to stitch together images and then post them to your social network of choice (though it prefers Instagram) so... read more

My First Steps on Social Media

Deciding to take your first step to learn Social Media may not be an easy or smooth path due to so much information we have available with a click, but I can say that it has been a surprising journey so far. Realizing how many relationships are connected and how... read more

Do Love and Marketing Mix?

When single people travel to a new city they often arrive at their hotel, put their bags down and bring out their phone. The first app that they’ll often go to is Tinder, a social networking app which connects men and women who are looking for sex, to see just... read more

What About Webinars?

There are a multitude of ways to get your content out through social media. Setting up Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, email lists (yes….email….email is one of the best content delivery systems around) are all great ways to get your brand out there.... read more

The Science of Social Hacking

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Internet these past few days then you would be surprised to learn that several famous celebrities, including Oscar winner Jessica Lawrence, have had their phones hacked in to and a variety of pictures stolen. Some were... read more

Brrr…It’s For Charity

You may have seen a flurry of videos take over your Facebook and Twitter feeds in recent days. You’ll probably recognise them…essentially people are pouring buckets of ice cold water all over themselves. Why? It’s all to raise awareness and money for... read more

Don’t Do This. Just….Don’t!

We here at TSM are able to run Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and execute well thought out marketing strategies with a variety of clients and we’re quite proud of this fact. But we also believe that there are some parts of social media that should simply be... read more

Will Yahoo (or Google) take on Netflix and Hulu?

Allow me to start this by saying: If you haven’t seen the TV show ‘Community’ then you are missing out on some quality programming. It is not only a funny TV show but the acting is brilliant and the writing is almost always top-notch. Despite their... read more