You may have noticed a few changes around here.

Yep….Transcending Social Media has a brand new site and it looks awesome. Over the next couple of days and weeks the site will continue to undergo a few cosmetic changes. We’ll add some new pictures and play around with the design but the most important changes have been under the hood. We essentially ripped up the old site and started again.

In fact this last month and a half has been a huge one for TSM. Along with the new site we’ve got a new logo that we’re very proud of and it comes in two colours. Like the Apple fan that I am it comes in both black and white.


Transending-media-logoTSM FB Logo Black



So that’s it right? I mean come on…new logo….new site…that’s pretty darn good.


Well….no. We’ve done something that all of our clients will love.

We’ve partnered with a professional graphic designer.

Yup. That’s right. TSM is now partnered with Mr Design (the same awesome designer who did our new logo).

TSM clients will receive heavily discounted prices for all of their graphic design needs and, if you’re one of our Premium Clients, you will receive your graphic design work INCLUDED in your monthly bill….that means you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Thank you for waiting around so patiently. You may now return to our regular scheduled programming.