With the recent success of Facebook Paper, a revolutionary way to browse your Facebook newsfeed, it seems that the social networking behemoth has decided to continue in a similar direction with the unveiling of their new status updater: Facebook PEN.

PEN or Primary Electronic Notetaker allows you not to just update your status but also write messages, compose notes, tag yourself in photographs and comment on pages and posts by friends.

PEN-t Up Demand

My sources within Facebook have told me that Edward Snowden’s revelation of NSA hacking brought forward development of PEN which had been ‘something we were kicking around the office but not too serious about’. Designers within Facebook touted the fact that PEN was ‘unhackable’ by NSA’s PRISM technology and users could feel safe every time they picked it up.

In a press statement about Facebook PEN CEO Mark Zuckerberg said

We think that users are going to love Facebook PEN. Not only is it a great compliment to Facebook Paper but it has all of the elements that we know our users care about: easy to use, intuitive and secure. Only YOU can both prevent forest fires AND share your status updates with friends.

The technical details regarding Facebook PEN are still hush-hush but we have been told that it will utilise e-Ink Ink technology that will ensure your battery is never drained. “Realistically” a source inside Facebook who had been on the development team for PEN “you can use PEN for months and you’ll never have to worry about changing it. We’ve tested it pretty thoroughly for the past year and there aren’t that many people who have said ‘I need a new PEN'”.

Facebook’s investments in advanced technology, most recently the 2 billion dollar acquisition of Occulus Rift, led some to believe that the social network was unable to truly innovate and surprise their user base without spending billions. The share price for Facebook, which had dropped slightly after the announcement of the Occulus Rift deal, was set to regain its composure with the PEN announcement.

It is believed that PEN will slowly be rolled out on a country by country basis.