Last week an announcement made by Zayn Malik about leaving his group, One Direction, got international media attention. Millions of fans made sure to place Zayn on the trend topics on the main social networks. Nothing bad placing your artist on the top but one of the hashtags really got my attention. It was called “#cutforzayn”.

Many posts with people – mostly teenager girls – just asking to hurt themselves and post the pictures, some as form of protest, others to show their pain. Many people posting their photos bleeding and crying because Zayn decided to change his career. We know that Self Harm is an issue nowadays and still there are people who were using social media in the worst way possible, to encourage it. Of course, not everyone supported. In fact, many people – just like me – were shocked about it.

And that was not the first time. On 2013 a similar history was a “successful” one, and as success full I mean as a trend topic. It was called “#cutforbieber”. Someone made a history that Justin Bieber had cancer and the fans should cut their hair to support.  The history was seized with Bieber being caught up smoking weed and the final result was teenagers cutting themselves so Bieber quit smoking.

Even though Twitter cut the hashtags from the trend topics, people still can write and show whatever they want. It’s impossible to check how many posts are fakes so how could Twitter manage to track it down? Even the ones who did not agree with that, using the hashtag to give their opinion just helped to keep it on trending. In other words, they kept on feeding the wrong hashtag. Even if it disappears from now the problem will still be there. Communication plays an important role when it comes to help our kids, and we definitely should invest on it to help them.