Every day more and more reports hit the web about Facebook pages reaching fewer and fewer fans.

It’s true. In a way. With every post your content will be reaching less people. The only way you can boost your numbers is by putting some $$$ in Facebook’s pocket. Considering Facebook’s ability to hyper-target an audience we would always recommend including a budget for Facebook ads and promoted posts. But what if you don’t want to? What if all you want to do is post to Facebook once a day and then forget about it? What are your social media work arounds?

Well….have you heard about email?

Yes! Email. That old ‘clunker’ of software. The protege of snail mail. The backbone of the 90s internet.

See. It turns out that email remains one of the most engaged form of marketing that’s out there.

Why? Well. Here are three reasons:

You’ve got one

If you’re online then you’ve got an email address. You can’t not have one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hotmail address, a GMail or an AOL address. You’ve got email no matter what. This is different to social media. Facebook may be the dominant social media platform but not everyone is on it. You may love the engagement that comes with Twitter but its numbers lag in the 200+ million mark….and don’t get me started on Google+.

So no matter what you can be assured that your customers have email.

People check them a lot

The world is changing thanks to smartphones. Now you’re contactable wherever you are. If the modern phone doesn’t have email or internet capabilities then they’re simply laughed out of the room. For those of us (i.e me) that are a bit more switched on then most I find myself waking up at 2 or 3am and just before I go back to sleep I check my email. I just need to see that there’s nothing major that needs to be taken care of. It’s not like snail mail where the postman comes once a day. You will get your email no matter where you are.

You can tell a lot from email

One of the best parts of the new Facebook pages is their insights section. You can really go to town on all the data that they provide you. Not only do you get to know when your audience is online and what posts they like but you can also target them more efficiently. So does email have the same thing?

You better believe it.

Say hello to MailChimp.

MailChimp includes a host of data about open rates, click rates, how far they scrolled down. They even let you send A/B tests so you know which is the best email to send out to the majority of your customers.

But what if you just want to email one or two people? Well then there’s YesWare. YesWare is a simple extension for Chrome that allows you to see who has opened your emails and if they’ve clicked on the links. We see it to make sure that our clients receive and open the emails that we send. No longer do we sit and wonder if our email got lost into cyberspace.

Email and social media marketing are two different ballgames. Each targets a different demographic and you have to utilise different strategies.

But…don’t forget about email. It could be a lifesaver!