Today Instagram, the world’s most popular photo social network, released a new app called ‘Layout’. The purpose of the app is essentially to stitch together images and then post them to your social network of choice (though it prefers Instagram) so everyone can see the amazing time you had on your latest holiday. I, for one, am grateful to Instagram for releasing this new application. Whenever I had to deal with stitching together photos I had to open up a third party app and was often bombarded with ads and other annoyance. Furthermore, these apps would hardly ever be updated so I would have a hodge-podge of apps that littered my phone. As someone who has a touch (ha!!!) of OCD the fact that a major player like Instagram has released this means that our long national nightmare is now over.

As Instagram said in their announcement blog today:

From imagining mirrored landscapes to sharing multiple moments from an entire adventure, we’ve seen these kinds of visual storytelling happening on Instagram and we’re inspired by it. With Layout, it’s easier than ever to unlock your creativity — and we can’t wait to see what you’ll make next.

So this app is all about making you, the photographer, a true artist. It’s a nice concept and I’m sure we’re going to see a whole host of images flooding the social web. As a fairly keen Instagram user, I’m excited to see what people can come up with. I hope that we see more than stitched together shots of people’s food or dogs (well….I don’t mind the dogs).

Whilst I’ve only been able to use Layout for a few hours I did find it incredibly easy to use and intuitive. I think it will be a great addition to the photographic app family. I do wish that Instagram would address a whole host of concerns including the fact that there’s no web upload, no multiple account support and no native iPad app. I saw someone comment that they wished this was simply an update to the original app. I can understand that; it’s easy having everything in one place. However, we must remember that Instagram is now owned by Facebook and Facebook seem to have some sort of obsession with separating all of their apps (see Messenger, Groups and Photos) so it’s not really a surprise that Layout was made as a standalone app.

Whilst Layout is only available for iOS it will be coming to Android in the coming months.

So? What do you think about Layout? Are you going to be stitching together all your photos?