Christmas is just around the corner. That means that the holiday decorations have to go up (or have been up in stores since October), cookies for Santa have to be baked and stockings have to be hung up (or, if you’re Jewish, the Chinese food has to be ordered). But most of all you have to buy presents for loved ones. With presents come new TV ads. The majority of them scream ‘buy our product….it has the best XYZ of them all’. This is how ads have been for decades. Yet every couple of years a company will surprise us. This year (in fact, most years) that company is Apple.

When I started my first job as a marketing manager I sat down and discussed the role that marketing plays in a modern company. To do this I showed them one video. This one.

Why? Because there’s no better example of bucking the trend of advertising. At no point do they sit back and say ‘THIS IS AN iPHONE 4’. All they’re doing is saying that, with FaceTime on the iPhone 4, you can make sure that life’s most precious experiences are never truly lost.

Now these experiences could still be captured through any other camera or phone…or even Skype…but the iPhone makes it all so effortless.

This year they came out with a new video

In this video the apparent loner child, constantly looking at his phone and appears retracted from social situations, has in fact created a thoughtful video for his entire family. Once again, all of this can be done with non-Apple products, however what Apple is saying is that you can easily create, edit and save these precious memories…PLUS screen them on your TV with the touch of a button…with this one, nifty little device.

Apple have become the masters at experience marketing. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 he rehired his favourite PR firm, Chiat\Day, to spearhead a new PR campaign. It was called ‘Think Different’.

In introducing the campaign Jobs came out and talked about the fact that “it’s not about bits and bytes” but rather it was about getting back to the core value and showing people what Apple was. Apple was ‘thinking differently’ and that if the famous people in the video, Mark Twain, Alfred Hitchcock, Jim Henson et al, were alive today then they would use a Mac….because those with Macs think differently (full disclosure: this post was written on a Mac).

So for your next few campaigns…market how people’s lives are improved by your product…because only by seeing how their lives are better with your new phone/tablet/book etc….will you convince them that they need you in their lives.