Deciding to take your first step to learn Social Media may not be an easy or smooth path due to so much information we have available with a click, but I can say that it has been a surprising journey so far. Realizing how many relationships are connected and how interactions are now more than sharing a status, took what I thought was a mere online social profile to a whole new level. And the more I discover, the more this world opens to me. Easy to feel bit lost with some much information, etiquette, do and don’ts, tips to create a good content or even what to do to avoid nasty comments, but it’s getting easier as I get more familiar with the terms and the tools.

That’s why I started with the basics. Knowing the tools and their different advantages and disadvantages, the difference between them and most importantly, knowing their mechanics as how they work and how they help you to manage your content was clarifying. It’s crazy how that changes your point of view and how you interact with your audience – for example, I found myself thinking this morning before posting: should I post about that? Is that something that will make them interested? (Yeah, I posted because it was a very good content about Brazilian chocolate). But it was never something that crossed my mind before. That’s Social Media working, right there. (They loved it!)

Social media through my eyes now is more than just creating content and publishing. It’s connecting with your client on one-to-one basis. Truth is, no one likes to feel like just one more regular customer. I hate the feeling of talking to no one or not being heard. I remember when I complained about a brand on a website – thinking that I would never get any response – and I was happily surprised when I got an answer. And it was positive. That unexpected reply made me like that brand again – which I swore I would never ever buy again. The digital platforms give us the freedom to talk about any business and that’s where the magic lives in my opinion:  The opportunity of enhancing your brand.

So far what I can tell is that I’m having fun with it. Time goes quickly when you are doing something that you like and today I wish the day had 36 hours so I could finish all the articles that I wanted to read. Everything is happening so fast in Social Media that I find it quite challenging to step aside – even more when you are still learning the basics – and that’s what is keeping me interested – and even more connected.