Brand: Michelle Bridges (12 Week Body Transformation)

Industry: Weight Loss

We all want to lose weight. There are all elements of our bodies that we want to improve. Get some more muscles, lose that tummy…perhaps even fit into a smaller pair of shorts. Michelle Bridges has catapulted to fame by being the personal trailer for all Australians. Stepping into the spotlight with her appearances on The Biggest Loser Australia Michelle took her chance and fashioned herself as the person that could help you lose weight. She has done this not just with a series of books, tapes and diet programs but also through social media.

Michelle’s coup de grâce has been her ’12 Week Body Transformation’ program. This exercise programs connects people through social media and helps them find like-minded soon to be exercise addicts. With her legion of Facebook fans Michelle has helped Australia shed almost 500,000 kilos from their collective bodies. But it’s more than just weight loss. The 12 Week Body Transformation has helped scores of Australians reshape not just their bodies but their outlook on life.

But their use of social media has also been a crux of their success. Through Facebook and Twitter she is able to motivate her fellow exercise enthusiasts and send out tips, tricks and new recipes. But above all it is through social media that Michelle is able to maintain a personal link to her fans. Without this her brand would not be nearly as bright as it is today.