Brand: Oreo Cookies

Industry: Food

Famed for their deliciously addictive cookie, Oreo have created a cult-like following on social media. They’ve done this by having a social strategy that leaves their competitors in the dust (or…in the crumbs).

Oreo has helped foster a new generation of social media marketing through its campaigns. It has shown the world that a brand can be both monolithic yet,  at the same time, homely. It has done this by adhering to the simple rules that come with social media marketing:

  1. Be timely
  2. Be topical
  3. Be simple
  4. Have fun

That last part is probably the most important. People do not follow brands on Twitter or like them on Facebook simply because they enjoy being sold to. Nobody likes to be sold to. However it’s important to remember that a brand is competing with someone’s friends, family and the things that they genuinely have an interest in such as their sports team or a television show. People follow brands because they believe that they’ll be offered some sort of deal or discount. However it’s also up to the brand to make these posts count. Oreo makes their posts unique because they’re able to incorporate their product into their pictures, they poke fun at themselves (and their competitors…but be very careful about that) and they’re often very, very clever.

They’ve also caused controversy as well.

Oreo publicly supported gay rights by showing an Oreo cookie where the cream was replaced with the colours of the pride flag. They celebrate certain holidays and special events by tweeting out pictures of their product that represents the unique day. For instance they displayed a red Oreo cookie with tracks on it in order to support Curiosity, the Mars Rover, landing.

All of these are ways that Oreo has distinguished itself as a company that truly understands its audience, its medium and its message. It’s what makes their brand so fun to follow!