Brand: Queensland Police Service

Industry: Law Enforcement

How can a police service use social media? Wouldn’t people just call 000 and talk to a real person? Well, yes. If you happen to find yourself in an emergency situation then you absolutely should call the police on the phone. But what if it’s not a time when your life is in danger? Well that’s where the Queensland Police Service steps in. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the social media page of a police service was somewhat dull. Likely just reporting on crimes, appealing for help and the occasional promotional spot. In many cases you’re right. But the Queensland Police Service likes to push things up a notch.

Their Facebook and Twitter pages are a hive of activity. It doesn’t matter if they’re warning people about an incoming flood or asking people to choose the names for their latest litter of police puppies they’ve managed to light up the social media landscape. They do this in a number of ways:

  • They’re professional
  • They’re personable
  • They are able to make fun of themselves

Social media is constantly changing. There are new networks, new services and a plethora of different ways to upload information. But the one constant is that it pays to be human. People don’t want to connect with a brand unless it can help them in some way. This means not just offering you deals or discounts on something but making you laugh, smile or making their ‘follow’, ‘like’ or ‘pin’ worth it. This is what the Queensland Police Service does.

So if a national police service can make fun of themselves…then so can you!