Social Media Marketing Agency New York, Sydney

Let’s not talk about us! Let’s talk about you! Your company wants to boost its sales and profitability, and you know that social marketing is the new, innovative and incredibly cost effective way of reaching your customers directly. And you know that direct advertising wastes most of the expenditure because only a proportion of people who see it will ever become your customers.

And you probably know that social media marketing can reach specific customers on their phones, Pads, and computers where they’re living most of their lives. You can talk directly to actual or potential customers at any time of the day or night; you can change your message in moments; and you can split your expenditure by geography, interest, common-interest and much more.

Ok, but why us? Why Transcend Social? There are lots of smart social media agencies in Sydney and New York. What makes us different?

What makes us different is the very nature of social media marketing. Firstly, we’re global. Why is that important to you? Because even though your customers are local, through our offices in America, Israel and Australia, we cover the world 24/7. Your customers are using their phones, Pads and computers all day, every day and so you can get your message to them without waiting for them to open a newspaper or watch TV.

Secondly, we’re the fast-movers in a fast-moving industry. New innovations in technology are happening all the time. We test these innovations the moment they’re available, and only use what’s viable, economic and effective.

Thirdly, you’ve spent serious money on creating your website. And like most websites, it’s probably not working for you. We’re experts at Social Media Optimization. We’ll show you why it’s not working efficiently, and what we can do to change it.