Our advanced listening platforms allow your brand to harness the conversation and understand what your customers are talking about and who you should focus on first.

Shape the Conversation

Social Speak

A friendly guide to Social Media’s most commonly used networks and phrases.

Application (Facebook)

A Facebook application is a custom built page which is built into your Facebook page. This page allows you to run contests, sell your products, display your Instagram or Twitter feed or even create a newsletter sign-up page.

Application (Mobile)

With smartphone sales surpassing the sale of traditional cell phones everyone now has an incredibly powerful device in their pocket. Transcend Social can help design and develop an application for both iOS and Android. Your customers can buy your product with a simple touch of their finger.

Brand Ambassador

These are your customers who are totally CRAZY about your brand or service. They’re singing your praises from the rooftops and telling all of their friends about you. Brand ambassadors are what we aim to create through social media. We do this by highlighting, engaging, amplifying and rewarding customers and social media users. Brand ambassadors are essential to your continued success because they’re putting their reputation on the line when they vouch for your company.

Brand Sentiment

How do your customers feel about your brand? Are they happy with a new product or do they hate it? Are they badmouthing your company and you don’t know about it? Understand just what your customers are saying without them even mentioning your brand by name. If they love what you’re doing, then thank them and make them feel good. If they have a problem, you can quickly and quietly shut down what could have turned into a major public relations headache.

Brand Voice

Your brand voice is who you are online. Brand voice differs from company to company. Some companies prefer for their voice to be lighthearted and fun, some want theirs to be cheeky, whilst others want a solemn and professional voice. Transcend Social not only understands the importance of brand voice but ensures that no matter where your customers are in the world, there will be consistency and professionalism.


Engagement is the cornerstone of social media. It’s how we measure your success rate with your audience. Too many companies rely on artificial numbers such as ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ to determine success. We say that your social media is working when the conversations are flowing between you and your customers. A happy and engaged customer creates an amazing ambassador for your brand.


It’s the world’s largest social network. With over 1.3 billion users (many of whom go to the website every single day), it is the single greatest platform to reach your customers. Not only can you set up your business page on Facebook but you can use their advanced targeting to ensure that your page is seen by the people you want.


Swarm is the social network of choice for those who have a brick and mortar store. Putting your store on Foursquare allows people to find you based on where they are. Customers can ‘check-in’ to your location, triggering an alert, which is then pushed out to all their other social networks. They can rate, review your business and even leave tips for any new customers who are also on Foursquare.


Google+ allows you to have a great deal of interactivity with your audience. Your Google+ page is where you’ll host live web shows that help you meet and engage with your customers. Through Google+ and YouTube you’re able to get the very best out of the digital web. Your Google+ page will also boost your search ranking results whenever someone types your name into Google. Ensuring your Google profile is professionally maintained, and run is the first step to web domination.

Hashtag (#)

A hashtag is a label used in social media which makes it easier for users to find messages with a particular theme or content. For instance, the annual State of the Union is broadcast on social media with the hashtag #SOTU. Hashtags allow everyone online to search out tweets, Instagram pictures or Facebook posts about the President’s speech. Any company or person can create their own hashtag but, be wary, using too many or not having a hashtag catch on can be embarrassing.

Influencer (aka Thought Leader)

No matter the community, there’s always going to be a hierarchy. The ‘influencers’ are the people whose opinion matter to the masses. They’re the Twitter users who have tens of thousands (or even millions) of followers and whose word can be spread like wildfire.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but now it’s worth so much more thanks to Instagram. With Instagram, you’re able to show the other side of your business that customers don’t normally get to see. You can use the service to market products in creative ways with behind the scenes sneak peeks and update people on your latest offerings and promotions. Use the platform for running contests, engage with customers and fans and promote yourself in a fun and quirky way. All of these are the backbone of forming relationships that turn very quickly into sales.


LinkedIn is all business, it’s the social platform for working professionals. It’s a great place to get in touch with other companies and engage more customers. You also have the opportunity to attract new staff when your business grows.


Listening is the lifeblood of social media marketing. No one follows a Twitter profile or Facebook page that’s all about promoting themselves. People connect with these pages and brands because they want to someone to listen to them. Our advanced listening platforms allow your brand to harness the conversation and understand not only what they’re talking about but who you should focus on replying to first. The last thing you want is for a social influencer to badmouth your brand!


Pinterest is your digital pin board where you collate and categorize the visually appealing web. Pinterest provides a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate what your brand can offer your customers. Create a board to show off your latest, best selling or favorite products and watch the customers come rolling in. Because Pinterest creates multiple ‘back links’ to your website, it’s great for SEO purposes. On average, those who come to your site through Pinterest spend 10% more than those who come through other sources.


Twitter is where customers go to talk about anything from their lunch to bringing down dictatorships and if they’re talking about your brand then you need to be there. Keep customers entertained with humorous tweets, take charge of any potential disasters before they turn into calamities and shape conversations that your customers are having about you. In 140 characters or less you can use the service to find new customers and engage with them.


Yelp, much like Swarm, is all about reviews. It allows users to rate, critique and give feedback about your restaurant and service. With its more than 90 million reviews and more than 150 million reviews, Yelp has become the social network of choice for anyone who is interested in trying a new restaurant, plumber or shop.