Social2MeNow is Transcend Social’s cost effective social marketing service aimed at small to medium sized businesses.

We know that not everyone has the resources, or even needs, a wide-ranging social campaign complete with 24-hour social media listening. But in today’s environment, everyone does need some social presence.

To fulfill those needs we’re excited to unveil Social2MeNow, Transcend Social’s budget service for small to medium sized businesses.

Starting from just $199 per month, you’ll get the social media presence you want. Our tiered pricing structure means that you’ll be able to choose a plan to engage your customers, online and offline, that suits your need and your budget.

So what’s the difference between Transcend Social and Social2MeNow?

Social2MeNow does not include any ‘social listening’ (a constant search of the social web to find people talking about your brand). Without social listening, we can offer our services to our clients at a lower price. For larger businesses, or for those who want to find new customers through social media, we recommend Transcend Social.

Even without the big bucks, you still deserve the social media presence you want. That is what Social2MeNow provides.

Services To Grow Your Business

Social2MeNow have services to suit every business, no matter who your customers are. Starting from only $199 per month, social media experts will get you interacting and engaging with all of your clients.

Their are four different plans for you to choose from; each has been specially created to help expand your business on various social channels.

Social2MeNow will create customized content for your industry, built around your target audience and goals that are sure to make your fans go wild.

Social2MeNow Email Service

Each week you’ll receive in your inbox a specially designed E-mail with a week worth of content for your Facebook page. Social2MeNow will tailor this content for your industry and craft it to take advantage of holidays, special events, current topics and any industry news.

Along with your week worth of content, you will be provided with a host of tips, tricks, and gossip about social media and how you can best engage with your audience online.

The Social2MeNow E-Mail plan is the best way for you to take control of your social network.

Social2MeNow Media Plans

You’re busy. You don’t have time to handle all of your social media marketing. That’s fine. Social2MeNow can do it for you!

Social2MeNow will create and distribute posts through your social media channels that are specially designed to build engagement and brand loyalty. They are your personal concierge to the Internet.

Not only will Social2MeNow post your content but they’ll even engage with your audience, respond to messages and manage your ever growing community.

Social2MeNow Media Plans*

*Minimum 3 month commitment

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