Yet another week has passed us by. Let’s see what has happened in social media news.

It seems that marketing on Facebook will pay more dividends than it currently does. A new study has confirmed that wealthier college students share and connect more on the social networking behemoth. Whilst marketers are investing more heavily into social media platforms as a way to deepen the relationship between consumer and conglomerate there has always been an aversion to Facebook marketing. Famously GM declared last year that they would no longer advertise on Big Blue. Though, that being said, GM stated in April of this year that they would restart their Facebook ad campaign.

In the wake of mass protests throughout the country the Turkish government is drafting legislation to restrict the use of social media. This is not the first time that governments have wanted to shut down social networks. During the Arab Spring many governments placed restrictions on how their people could access the Internet and in the wake of the London riots in 2011 Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to block Twitter throughout the UK. Here’s hoping that such drastic measures are not taken by the Turkish government. It often backfires and incenses the populace to simply riot more.

It’s the dream of every Social Media Manager to get something to go viral. But how do we do it? Forbes has a new post up about how you can create your own piece of viral content. 

Whilst many outsiders think that all we do is sit on Facebook and Twitter all day (well….we do…but there’s a good reason!) they don’t realise that we generally have quite a coherent strategy to this whole social media thing. You know exactly when your posts should go out and what network they’re tailored to, you know when is the best time to post and what hashtags that you should use….we’ve got it down to a science. But what happens if you DON’T have a social strategy in place? Well….here are five indicators of zero social strategy.