Good morning all, it’s time for another roundup of what’s been happening in social media this week:

The most important change this week was that Facebook has removed the ‘20% text rule’ for cover photos. Now you can write as much as you want on your cover images. However please don’t go overboard or do crass things (calls to action are fine but stay away from being too sales-y). All this being said it’s important to remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. In social media pictures are the most powerful element of our work. They’re easily viral and one often evoke an emotional response far more than text. 

Did you hear what was happening in Egypt? The ruling Muslim Brotherhood has been the victim of a military coup. This all went down on Twitter as much as it did on the news and in the streets. All sides issued ‘defiant tweets’ outlining their cause to both the people and the international community. Perhaps if he had spent a little less time tweeting then now ex-President Morsi would still be in charge!

Is social media creating a generation of introverts? Well as a guy who spends his life on social media I can tell you that it can, in some respects, be a pretty lonely place. That being said it can also be an incredibly exciting place. What do you think?

Fearful of the new Instagram video it seems that Vine has pushed their biggest update yet. The six-second video service now allows you to control who you share with, the ability to ‘re-vine’ and a new ‘on the rise’ section. Is this the final punch of a boxer on his last legs….or the beginning of a re-match?