Here’s a look at what happened in the social media world of June 13th.

Hot off the press: Facebook will be introducing #hashtags into their posts as a tool to help categorise photos, statuses and other such searchable material. The hashtag, ‘created’ by Chris Messina helped Twitter users collect their thoughts (hard enough in only 140 characters) and have been used in a variety different social networks. The hashtags are now ubiquitous and have been wildly embraced by television programs who are using them to gauge the popularity of their shows. To learn the backstory of the hashtag the New York Times created this great piece a few years ago.

MySpace has officially (re)launched. The once titan of social networks, which was bought by Rupert Murdoch for 580 million dollars in 2005 (and then sold to Justin Timberlake for 35 million dollars in 2011) suffered under the weight of the ever-growing Facebook. The new MySpace has been billed as place for musicians and artists to call home. Whether or not this will reverberate with regular consumers is not yet known.

Tablet use is now growing substantially within the home. With the popularity of the iPad and the Android market releasing more and more cheaper tablets their use is growing. With more people using their tablet as a ‘second screen’ whilst they watch TV you should expect to see a rise in the amount of people tweeting about Game  of Thrones. Furthermore this is another indication of the ever-widening gulf between PC and mobile usage. Social strategies should now most certainly include mobile (if they’re not already).

Both Sony and Xbox revealed their next generation consoles this week at E3. Whilst the Internet (read: gamers) have overwhelmingly sided with the Sony PS4 it will still be a battle fought by consumers rather than gamers. Both consoles heavily emphasise social networks and include abilities to share videos to YouTube. With the gaming industry worth tens of billions of dollars annually it will be interesting to see how these new social features will embraced by players and regular people alike.