There are a multitude of ways to get your content out through social media. Setting up Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, email lists (yes….email….email is one of the best content delivery systems around) are all great ways to get your brand out there. But one of the few that many people don’t think of is Webinars.

What’s a webinar?

Well, to be it simply, a webinar is a web conference that you host from your home/office/man-cave which allows you to run a powerpoint, keynote or share screens. The purpose of a webinar is essentially to host your audience and present them with a lesson, tips and tricks or inform them of your latest product. Webinars are fantastic because they are relatively inexpensive to run, are a great platform to get your message across and because anyone anywhere can join in they’re a truly global meeting. It doesn’t matter if you have customers in Kansas or Kenya as long as they’ve got an Internet connection then they can join in on the fun!

So now that we know the benefits of webinars (and you want to host one) what do you need?

A computer, an Internet connection and a microphone.

Oh…and GoToWebinar.

Of all the webinar programs that we’ve seen this is probably the best. It’s easy to use, (relatively) cheap and incredibly stable. We have been both attendees and organisers and we know for a fact that the platform is worth its weight in gold.

So once you’ve got your webinar set up and your audience invited…what then?

Well it’s always best to have a fairly easy to understand keynote (or powerpoint) show about what you want to talk about. Keep in mind that the Internet in an inherently visual medium so you’ll want lots of pictures, small amounts of text (usually just something to reinforce your point and/or to refresh your memory as a speaker).

From there it’s best to know exactly what you’re speaking about. When you hold a webinar you’re going to be speaking for anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour (or more) and so it’s best to have a plan about what you want to get across. Do you want to sell a product? Do you want to sell yourself? Do you want to teach someone how to use something or perhaps talk about updates that have come to your product? All of these are great ways to elevate your brand above your competitors (seriously….how many of your competitors are conducting webinars? Not many)

In order to get the best out of your webinar you should prepare your slideshow and lesson in sync. There’s nothing worse than having a bad slideshow (what your audience sees) or a bad speech (what your audience hears) because it just reeks of unprofessionalism. Practice your speech several times before the webinar so you know what you’re talking about. Just because you’re speaking to a computer and not to an audience doesn’t mean that you can slack off on your presentation.


A webinar is a fantastic way to connect with your audience and get them thinking about you. People who sign up for a webinar are already half way towards making a purchase because they’ve shown the intent to listen to what you have to say. But how do you get them to stay for the whole thing? It’s so easy just to press the little ‘x’ button to shut the webinar down however by offering a sweet deal at the end of the webinar (telling them that they have to wait till the end of the webinar for a free gift/discount) you’ve ensured that they’re far more likely to stick around.

So with more and more companies embracing social media a webinar is a great way to differentiate yourself over your competitors. It’s a great way to introduce new products and also a way to win sales.

The question is…why aren’t you webinaring?