Recently at Transcending Social Media we were lucky enough to celebrate our first birthday. For something that was started on a whim it’s remarkable how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. During the past year we’ve picked up half a dozen clients and we’ve been proud to watch their social media profiles grow. Many of them have been amazed at the way that they can wield the power of social media to reach new fans, donors and customers. As we were heading to our first  year of operation we realised two things:

1) We needed a new office and

2) We needed a new website

I’m proud to announce that this week we have fulfilled both of those requirements. You may notice that you’re reading this blog post on our brand spanking new site. No more side to side swooshes, no more confusing columns and no more strangely placed X’s. Now it’s a very clean, minimalist interface that’s fully mobile optimised. That means that no matter what screen you come to our site on, from your desktop computer, your smartphone or your tablet, you’re going to get the best experience available.

Take a look around. We’ve got our new ‘About Us‘ page that answers some of the most frequently asked questions. Or perhaps you want to know exactly what Transcending Social Media can do for you? Well then you’ll want to go to our What We Do page which outlines just a few of the many services we offer and provides testimonials from a few of our clients. We’ve also provided links to all of our clients’ Facebook feeds that we manage because we want you to see what you get when you go with a professional agency like Transcending Social Media. In the fast paced world of social media we often forget that mistakes can be made just as quickly as successes. Because of that we created a special section entitled Why Social Media.  Here you can read about what happens when social media goes wrong but also read some profiles from social media success stories. Finally, our Home Page, will point you to profiles of three of our clients. These profiles will change every so often to show how Transcending Social Media is committed to innovation through digital marketing and is consistently helping everyone realise their online potential.

But what about moving to a new office? Well we did that too. We are now no longer located in Ultimo. Our new address is:

Level 3, 2 Lacey Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

For those of you that aren’t aware of the geography of Sydney Surry Hills has become the hub of startups and digital innovation. We’re thrilled that we’ve moved into this amazing office and we invite you all to come round and check out our funky new digs. We’re a quick walk from busses and Central Station so everything, including some fantastic cafes and bars, are within walking (and stumbling) distance.

Hope to see you all soon!