The increased social power of all customers means that brands have to ensure that they are not only listening to their customers but also engaging them.

Spark the Conversation

Why Go Social?

Customers today are mobile, connected, and are no longer sitting watching advertisements on television. And when they have a good…or a bad experience…with your business, it takes them seconds to communicate that to hundreds of people.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media have created a society that thrives on instantaneous connections. Our conversations are filled with pictures, hashtags and tweets. Social media has elevated the once powerless to become megaphones for their chosen causes, be it snapping a photo of their lunch or overthrowing a dictator, and within seconds their thoughts are shared with the rest of the world.

Some time ago, a website was created for your business or brand; then a Facebook profile. And after months and months, only a handful of people visited your site. So it’s a waste of time and money, right?

Like any other form of business development, social and digital media need time, investment and skill for them to work effectively. Like mainstream advertising, the position, promotion, content and frequency are invariably the reasons for success, and the causes of disappointment.

Nobody expects a single advert in a newspaper to work as effectively as a planned, long-term campaign. So no website or Facebook page will work unless they’re full of interesting content which draws people to them.

We’re About Creating That Spark of Conversation Through Social Power

Conversations are taking on a life of their own through social media. People are tweeting the minutiae of their lives and they’re using these platforms to praise or complain about their interactions with businesses.

The old adage goes that a satisfied customer will tell 2-3 of their friends whilst an unhappy customer will lament to 8-10 friends. In the age of social media that number increases exponentially.

The increased social power of all customers means that brands have to ensure that they are not only listening to their customers but also engaging them. Those who have a positive experience with a brand, be it in store or on social media, will come back time and again.

Because your customers are mobile and in direct communication with each other, minute by minute, you have to know what they’re saying to each other, and be part of the conversation. Sure, you don’t have time, but with social media listening tools, we can be your eyes and ears everywhere that your brand is talked about.

These tools are so sophisticated that the moment somebody mentions your business, we know about it. We’re attentive to the needs of your customers and offer engaging and easily sharable content. We’re about creating that spark of conversation. We’re about making your website and Facebook investment finally pay off.

What We Provide

Technology is constantly evolving. Social networks are popping up all the time and marketing strategies are oft touted as ‘the next best thing’. What Transcend Social offers you is stability. The stability of knowing that your digital presence, from your online ‘voice’ to your Search Engine Optimization and even your mobile apps are all in safe hands. We have spent years evaluating and re-evaluating what methods work and what don’t. But we’re never standing still. We’re never resting on our own laurels. We’re always learning and always on top of the next new thing.

What we provide are the steady hands of experience without the complexity and jargon.
Transcend Social provides you with a fully-featured, end-to-end service to help you create, maintain and take advantage of everything that digital marketing has to offer. From helping you reach more customers through social media to running campaigns, competitions and application development, Transcend Social will be with you, hand in hand.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Emails are now considered ‘passé’ by younger generations and most teens will only make a phone call if their lives depended on it. The attention span of the modern audience has shrunk from minutes to moments. Transcend Social takes all of this into consideration when creating and executing social strategies. We’re at the forefront of social media marketing.

Statistics Speak


Of Customers Spend More Time Researching Than In The Past


Of Customers Rely More On Peer Recommendations Than In The Past


Of Customers Said Online Vendor Content Had Significant Impact