Most of the time the world sucks. There’s war, famine, pestilence and that other horseman who’s just plain annoying.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there are those things that make you smile. More often than not it’s the cat pictures on Reddit or a funny YouTube video of someone attempting to sing but being overshadowed by an extreme auto tuning.

But this weekend the Internet won. Well, the Internet and the City of San Francisco/Gotham.

They all came out to support Miles, a 5 year old boy who has spent the majority of his life battling leukaemia. Miles wanted nothing more than to be a superhero (specifically Batman) and so the Make A Wish Foundation set about making his wish come true.

The wish was picked up by a blogger and thousands upon thousands of people in San Francisco went about making it happen.

Not only did the Mayor, Police Commissioner and other high-level state politicians get involved but even the President of the United States

The hashtags #Batkid and #SFBatkid were tweeted hundreds of thousands of times and became a global trending topic (this is also a reminder that you should always organise a single hashtag for your event….it avoids confusion).

The entire city (well the majority of it) came out to support Miles. He did everything from rescuing a damsel in distress, foiling the Riddler’s attempted bank robbery and even rescuing the San Francisco sports mascot from Penguin. At the end of the day he was awarded the key to the city in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans.

This story won the Internet.

It was so beautiful watching an entire city come together to help a sick boy (who thankfully is in remission) realise his dream of being a superhero.